5 Advantages Of Using Vinyl Banners To Advertise Your Business

With growing and ever-changing trends in technology, online advertising has been a huge focus for big and small businesses over the past decade. And while it is an incredibly effective way to reach potential customers you otherwise may not reach, local advertising is just as important. In fact, when done right, certain offline tools can be even more effective than digital marketing. Here are the five main advantages of using vinyl banners.

Unexpected Attention

Vinyl banners can be placed in a variety of locations: on buildings and billboards, inside conference centers, and on posts or other stationary objects like parked buses or fences. This can be a great way to get unexpected attention from a potential customer, especially if your banner is the only one around and isn't getting lost in a mix of ads for other businesses—something that tends to happen when advertising online.

Local Brand Awareness

Using your logo to build a brand is critical if you want people to associate you with that image. Vinyl banners can display your logo, and they can give your logo a voice.

Think about how you want your potential customers to feel when they see your banner. For instance, you may own a travel company that uses a cruise ship, dolphin, or plane as a logo. Each of those images evokes an emotional response, which is a part of building brand awareness. And when people are repeatedly exposed to your logo and business name—which will happen if they pass by it every day on the way to work—you increase the chances of them associating that image with your company.

Strategic Location Options

Location is everything when it comes to advertising. Put your sign in the wrong spot, and you could lose potential customers. Luckily, going with a vinyl banner, as opposed to a digital sign or online advertising, will give you a lot of leeway when it comes to picking a strategic location.

It's important to know your target audience, but keep in mind that banners can be placed on the facades of buildings, and you can hang them inside your office to further gain the attention of customers and display something positive about your services.

Banners can also be placed on billboards, where they will be seen every day by those who drive by. They can be hung on fences of neighboring businesses (with their permission, of course) or near a competitor, and banners can even be placed near shopping centers and public transportation pickup spots.

Flexibility With Hanging Methods

Most vinyl banners come with the capability of being secured in multiple ways. If you're hanging your banner outside, keep in mind that wind will be a factor at some point, and you want your sign to have some "give" to it so that it doesn't tear.

Vinyl banners can be held in place with Velcro, bungee cords, suction cups, zip ties, and even poles. Velcro-hung banners are popular at trade shows, and suction cups are ideal for glass surfaces like windows and mirrors. Zip ties are very affordable, and they're strong—making them perfect for attaching banners to fences or posts. And bungee cords are good for both indoor and outdoor use, but they are especially useful outside, as they will allow flexibility in a windy environment.

Inexpensive Means of Advertising

With the availability of so many types of image editing software, most business owners can design their own logo as well as come up with a catchy phrase without spending a lot of money. And when it comes time to order your custom banner, expect your budget to be less than what you'd spend on a newspaper or radio ad or a ton of free swag to give away to potential customers. In fact, depending on the size you choose, you may be able to get a banner for less than what you'd spend on an order of business cards.

Vinyl banners are an incredibly effective and inexpensive way to reach new customers, no matter where your business is located. Contact a company like Davis Sign Co for more information.