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Make These SEO Pledges To A Company That Hires You As An IT Consultant

When you're a tech professional who is submitting his or her application to an IT staffing agency to obtain representation, you want to ensure that you're clear on your resume how you can help businesses that may hire you on contract. Provided that you can make up your claims, there's no harm in being bold — bold pledges can often catch the eye of a hiring manager, who may feel as though what you can deliver is exactly what his or her company needs at this time. If you're a search engine optimization (SEO) expert, here are some pledges that you may feel comfortable to make.

I Will Get More Traffic To Your Website

An SEO professional is the right person to hire when a company wants to increase its web traffic, which is a key toward building its business. Don't be afraid of making the pledge that you'll help your client get more web traffic to the website. There are a number of SEO-related techniques that you can implement to accomplish this goal. As long as you can deliver on this pledge, it's an ideal one to make — it's highly measurable, which means that you employer will clearly know that you've delivered on your promise.

I Will Keep Users On Your Site Longer

Many companies are concerned about issues such as bounce rate — that is, people who land on their website and quickly depart again without engaging with the website. Bounce rate is measurable through website analytics, and this is something that you can pledge to improve. Working with the company's website developer can help its bounce rate. For example, if you've noticed that the website is difficult to navigate and you suspect that some users get frustrated and leave, this is something you can work on.

I Will Get You Higher In Search Rankings

There are lots of ways to improve a website's search ranking, and these are things that you can implement as an SEO expert for your employer. If a business appears 55th in the Google rankings, for example, many potential customers may find a different business's website and click on it before coming across your client's site. This can affect a company's profits, simply because people aren't finding it online quickly. You can use analytics to track the search rankings position every month to show the client that the SEO techniques you're employing are helping this ranking.

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