Reasons To Advertise That Your Business Is Owned By A Woman

If you're a woman who owns her own business and has gone to the process of receiving a women owned business certification, you may also wish to advertise this news. How you decide to make people aware of who owns the business is up to you, but there are several different approaches that you can take. You'll often find that as you advertise this information, a number of advantageous situations will come your way that can help your business and even help you personally. Here are three different reasons that advertise that you're a woman who owns her own business.

More Women May Support Your Business

You'll often find that women in the community appreciate when they know that a certain business is owned by a woman. These women may then respond by making an effort to support your business more than they did in the past when they were unclear about the ownership situation. Sometimes, they may be so anxious to support your business because a woman owns it that they travel across town to visit your location, bypassing similar businesses that aren't women owned along the way.

More People May Trust You

Women and men alike may be more inclined to visit your business once they find out that the owner is a woman because of trust and honesty. There's a common belief that women are more honest than men, and while this isn't a knock against honest men — of which there are many — the reputation and view of your business might immediately improve upon the announcement that a woman owns it. For example, if you run an automotive garage, for example, customers — who might already be anxious about being taken advantage of financially — may feel as though your garage will immediately be more honest than one owned by a man.

You May Get Charitable Opportunities

Women's charities such as those dedicated to fighting breast cancer will often approach businesses that women own for partnerships and contributions in exchange for publicity. This can be an ideal situation for your business, as you'll be recognized in the community for your donations to charity. This partnership can also lead to personal satisfaction, as you'll feel good about yourself for making a difference in the community. It's possible that you wouldn't be approached by such charities if you hadn't made it clear that you're a woman who owns her own business.

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