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What You Should Expect From Your Medical Transcription Services

Medical transcription is the skill of listening to recordings by doctors and typing into a document what is said. Medical transcriptionists have to have several important skills in this line of work, the least of which has to be the ability to type rapidly. If you are a coroner and would like to record your medical reports so that they can be transcribed by medical transcription services, here is what you should expect from such services.

Perfectly Accurate Spelling, Grammar, and Punctuation

Since you have requested that medical documents be created from your recordings and that these documents could, at any time, be used for legal purposes, the transcriptionist must execute them perfectly. That means that the medical documents must have perfect punctuation, perfect grammar, and perfect spelling, including the spelling of medical terms and phrases. Since these professionals take classes in medical terminology before they are certified as transcriptionists, that should be evidenced by their work.

Timely Delivery of Your Documents

Transcriptionists are also required to type very quickly. They need to hear and type simultaneously, and not miss a beat. The point is that clients request transcribed documents in a very short time, and the transcriptionists cannot deliver without knowing how to type very fast. As a coroner, you will need your documents transcribed within a day or two of an autopsy. You expect that, and you should get it.

The Return of Your Oral Notes

To transcribe your findings, you have to provide the transcriptionist with the recording of your oral notes. Because the notes are your property, they should be returned to you, along with your finished documents. If you send a copy of the recording, then you can request that the service destroy/delete their copy. This maintains confidentiality, especially in cases where a crime is suspected or involved.

If You Have Other Questions or Concerns

If you have other questions or concerns as they relate to your work as a coroner and your need to hire transcription services, be sure to ask the company or transcriptionist providing the service. They will be able to answer your questions and alleviate your concerns. In most cases, these companies can and do sign confidentiality agreements. They make arrangements with doctors and medical professionals like yourself to maintain confidentiality to its fullest. Even if you name the deceased in your oral notes, the transcriptionists attempt to leave names out unless you request to leave the names in the reports/documents.

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