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Thee Steps To Planning A Spontaneous Pep Day In The Office

When workers are becoming sluggish, they are likely to get very little done. When things slow down in the office, your customer base and your workers are likely to show sign of unhappiness. Instead of allowing the workplace to crawl along as it has been, you will need to get some pep back into the workplace. Sometimes you need to bring a little more excitement to the office. Here is a way to plan a spontaneous pep day in the office to surprise your workers. 

Announce an on/off day at the door

As soon as people enter the workplace for the day, they should be greeted with a sign letting them know to report to a break room or other communal meeting place. Be sure that the room can hold everyone who comes into the office. If there is not a large enough space in the building, rent out an auditorium and have transportation ready to take workers to the next location. The place should have comfortable seating and plenty of space for food and activities. Let everyone know that this will be paid just like a regular work day. 

Provide a full meal

One of the best ways to get your employees fired up is to offer them good food. Have a buffet meal prepared that will provide your workers with an excellent lunch. A mixed food buffet with options for vegans, meat eaters, and those who enjoy a variety of lunch options will make your workers happy. Keep the food available throughout the entire day so that everyone can have snacks available to keep them pepped up throughout the day's events. Be sure to have water and coffee among the refreshment options. 

Hire a guest speaker with high energy

Big energy is often what you need to turn a sluggish workplace around. Hire a guest speaker to talk to your employees in order to get their energy back up. The speaker should have stories about success and methods of connection. Reconnecting with the work that is being performed can make employees much more exuberant about going to work. Have the guest speaker talk about a time where they became disconnected from their work or their career path. They should present a method of discovery that will allow employees to realize just how important their position is inside of the company and why it is worthwhile to give their career the chance to be successful.  

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