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Starting Your Own Custom Tea Company? A Few Things You Will Need

Tea is every bit as chic as coffee, when you combine varietals that make connoisseurs drool. If you see a future in a custom tea company in your city or town, now is the time to get started. Do not start your tea business when there is at least one other shop already open. The competition will be fierce, and you may not be able to keep your shop open. The first one to open a shop garners customers the fastest. Here are a few things you will need to get started and really strike the right impression with your customers.

Glass Display Jars

Like tobacco, the freshest teas are the ones kept in glass display jars. In fact, loose tobacco display jars work quite nicely for displaying your teas and keeping them fresh. Your shop should be wall-to-wall shelves filled with display jars of tea. This allows customers to come in, see the teas you have available, and even take the jars down to open and smell the varieties. Being able to see and smell a product prior to purchase appeals to a lot of customers.

Custom Label Tea

Have a few custom label teas mixed in with the varietals customers frequently want. The more options provided to suit the different personalities of customers you have, the better. Customers who are unfamiliar with no-name varietals, or varietals packaged under your own company name, may not sell with die-hard fans of certain tea brands. It helps to sell those, and then offer the customers the chance to see and smell your own varietals from the glass jars that are the same or similar teas that they are buying in custom label boxes.

Your Own Custom Labels

You need your own custom labels for teas, too. These labels will go on your glass display jars and on the bags of loose tea that you sell. You will have to create dozens of attractive labels for all of the different teas you sell.

If that seems like a rather large task, you can hire a label design company to do the job. Just provide them with a complete list of teas you are going to sell, ask for different labels for the jars and bagged tea, but make sure each variety has its own two labels for the jar and the bags. The labels should be attractive, iconic, and attention-grabbing so that customers remember your shop and keep coming back. Contact a company, like The Tea Can Company, for more help.

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