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Your Paintings And Portraits Deserve Special Treatment

Whether you have family portraits, paintings done by local artists, or famous works of art, they deserve a better frame than something bought at a department store. Handcrafted frames can provide you with a way to display them beautifully. Here are a few reasons you should find a store or artisan who makes these for your wall.

Perfect Fit

When you go with a handcrafted frame you can get the exact sizing you want. You can choose what size of a mat you want, the border, and not have to worry about making everything fit into a generic-sized frame. No matter what size the original picture is, your frame will fit it perfectly.


While you can find very intricately designed generic frames, they may not be the look you want for your piece. You can sit and design what the frame will look like with the artisan when you have it made specially. You get to decide the wood, the color, the thickness of the frame. You can also choose any designs you want carved, burned, or painted on it.

Add to the Room

It can be hard to match frames to the rest of the room décor. When you have handmade frames, you don't have to worry about this. Look around the room and decide what type of frame will add to the look and feel of it. You can take a picture of the room to the designer and let him or her help you create the one that will fit best. This allows you to have different frames for each room.


Sometimes, you want to display a bunch of smaller pictures in a collage. When you have someone make the frame for you, it is possible to create the exact look you want. You can have pictures of varying sizes with wood between each one instead of a simple cardboard mat. Each picture will be showcased in a special way to let everyone know how important they are to you.

When you display pictures and paintings, they deserve to be treated specially. Whether you hang them on a wall or place them on your desk, you want them to look the way you feel about them. They should also fit in with the space where they are displayed. You choose whether to have the frames complement the room or contrast it to have them stand out. The only way to get exactly what you are looking for is to have handcrafted picture frames from a company like Chirp Wood, LLC.

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