3 Key Points To Look For When You Buy Vintage Cycling Posters

Nearly everyone has a decorating theme for their home or office space. These themes are usually based on a specific item, design, or time period. One option that may fit all of these categories is vintage cycling. If you are into cycling and vintage artwork, then you may find that vintage cycling posters help you bring the love of cycling into your decorating theme. Here are three key points to look for when you begin to locate and buy your vintage cycling posters.

Cycling Brands

One of the first things to look for when you begin looking for your vintage cycling posters is to locate the cycling brands that interest you. There are many cycling brands that are still around, but if you want to go truly vintage, you may want to find brands that are no longer in business. These brands and their specific poster and advertising style may offer you more unique visuals in your decorating and give you a solid talking piece. This is especially true if you know the history of that cycling company or if you actually have a vintage cycle from that brand.

Art Style

There are several art styles that are used in vintage ads and posters. Two of the main styles that you will likely find when searching for the right vintage cycling posters are pure advertisement style or artistic imagery styles. The pure advertising styles are more of a layout like you would see for a magazine. They may show a realistic image along with some wording and even pricing for the particular model of cycle. If this is too generic or if it has too much a print new feel to it, you can go with artistic imagery. These posters would have images that look more like paintings and artwork than actual cycling ads. The artistic options also tend to be more suitable for decorating unless you have a print media theme already in place.

Time Period

Unless you have a generic cycling idea in mind, you may want to narrow down the decorating to a specific time period. For example, you may want to go with an art deco theme throughout the room. This would mean narrowing down your vintage cycling posters to time periods where art deco was specifically popular. This will allow you got keep a solid theme of cycling types as well as items that would enhance those particular cycling time periods to give the room a full decor feel.

If you are ready to begin narrowing down your search for the ideal vintage cycling posters for your decorating theme, contact your local poster businesses. You can also narrow down your search online to find the specific images you may want. You can use those images to find matching posters at poster shops and stores.