3 Reasons To Choose Acrylic Awards

Employee productivity can be impacted by the level of appreciation each employee feels. Presenting employees with awards not only makes the recipient feel good about him or herself, but it can also motivate other employees to work harder in the future.

There are many different types of awards that you can select from to honor your employees, but a custom engraved clear acrylic award pedestal can offer some unique benefits that you will want to take advantage of in the future.

1. Durability

When you present an employee with an award honoring his or her performance, you want that award to withstand the test of time. Acrylic is an incredibly durable material that will not chip, shatter, or crack if dropped.

This type of durability ensures that your employees will be able to display their awards in their homes or offices without worrying about the award sustaining serious damage.

2. Design Flexibility

Another great benefit that you will enjoy when you opt to utilize acrylic to recognize your employees is the option to create unique designs. Acrylic is an extremely flexible material that is easy to work with. These characteristics make it possible for acrylic to be shaped into almost any design you desire.

The ability to fully customize the design of the awards that you present lets you utilize these awards as another way to advertise your business. You can also select a design that will transform the awards you give out into works of art.

3. Aesthetic Value

If you want your employees to be proud to display the awards you give out on a shelf in their homes or offices, you need to ensure that the design of your awards is pleasing to the eye. Acrylic can be one of the most beautiful materials available.

Acrylic has a translucency that allows light to travel through the material. The light refracts and bends to create a vivid display of color within the acrylic material as it passes through. This will add a significant amount of aesthetic value to your awards.

Employees will be happy to put them on display without worrying that they will detract from the overall aesthetic of the space.

Presenting awards is a great way to recognize and motivate your employees. Of all the award materials available, acrylic has the most unique benefits to offer. Consider making the switch to acrylic awards as you recognize valued employees in the future.