Control Your Time With A Private Airplane Charter For Your Group Business Travel

If multiple members of your business all need to travel together, instead of trying to get enough seats together on a commercial jet, and coordinating to make sure everyone's travel arrangements line-up and work together, save yourself a lot of hassle and charter a private airplane instead. Opting for a private airplane charter offers you many distinct advantages.  

Skip the Airport

When you fly via a charter jet, you don't have to worry about getting to the airport two hours ahead of your flight so you can stand in a long checkout line, endure the security line, and then walk halfway across the airport just to get to your gate.  

When you rent a private jet, you arrange to have a car take you and your employees right out to the tarmac, skipping all the unnecessary hours you would traditionally have to spend in the airport. Many private charter companies also have really nice private lounges where you can hang out and relax if you get to the airport before you are set to take-off.  

Set Your Leaving Time

One of the frustrating things about flying commercial is you have to work your schedule around their schedule. Maybe they only have really early morning or really late-night flights to your destination, so you have to change your business schedule to make that work. Even if you change the schedule, you have no control over a late-arriving aircraft. Late aircraft delay other planes more than bad weather. 

With a private charter jet for your company, you get to choose the time that you leave for your destination, so you don't have to have everyone get up at 1am in order to have enough time to get ready and get through the airport for a 5 am flight, just so you can be to your destination by 2 p.m. Instead, you can leave at 9 a.m. and get to your destination with plenty of time to make your 2 p.m. meeting.  

Use Alternative Airports

Next, when you fly via a private airplane, you don't have to use the major airports. You can use smaller airports or private airfields, which make it easier to depart when you want to. Using alternative airports often allows you to get closer to your destination and avoid all the heavy traffic that gathers around airports.  

When it comes to arranging travel for a business group, instead of dealing with commercial airlines, consider booking a private charter jet for your travel needs. That way, everyone can skip the stress of going through the airport, and you can control where you leave from and when you leave, allowing you to craft the perfect business trip.