Is Your Shop Getting Dusty And Grimy? Get Commercial High Pressure Cleaners There Fast

If your commercial shop with machines, tools and flying debris is starting to get dirty, you want to clean it properly before you have health or building code violations to worry about. Dirty spaces can also be fire hazards and cause other health problems.

Wiping down the areas is something that is probably easy for you to do, but getting the surfaces of the building that are used daily and extremely dirty, and into the deep corners and inside the machines can be hard. Look into the following options.

Air Compression Interior Cleaning

A commercial air compression machine will help to clean the interior of machines and storage areas, remove dust, and debris from hard to reach places, and is a great way to clean spaces that you can't get into with your hands. The high pressure air can remove debris from the deepest crevices of the facility.

Have a company with the proper high pressure pumps and compression machines come in to do this work. You can even invest in one of these machines and then rent the high pressure pumps to do the cleaning jobs when needed.

Pressure Washing Floors and Exterior Surfaces  

Hooking a hose up to a high pressure pump and using the water and pressure to clean surfaces is a great way to get rid of layers of dirt, mold and grime. You want to use a high pressure water pressure washer on:

  • Shop floors and hard interior floors
  • Sidewalks and driveways or parking lots
  • The exterior of the building
  • Walls that are made of metal

Cleaning the floors can also prevent slipping and falls. A cleansing agent can be mixed with water in a chamber before the water is pushed out and pressure is used to clean these surfaces. This should be done at least annually to keep your working surfaces clean.

There are different ways that you can work on keeping the space clean after you have these professional services done, and after the areas are clean. You want to set up a shop schedule that your foreman or supervisors will check to make sure that all of the necessary areas are cleaned regularly, instead of waiting until there is a lot of build-up.

Keeping your building clean is one of the most important responsibilities that you have as a building owner and business manager. Get the services outsourced and get the building cleaned properly.