UV Flatbed Printers: The Future Of Printing

Like many other machines, technology in the manufacturing of printers advances daily. If you compare a business card manufactured five years ago and that of today, you will notice a vast difference in the quality of the graphics. This is because of the use of high-quality UV flatbed printers.

What is a UV Flatbed Printer?

A UV flatbed printer is an industrial digital printer that prints on a wide range of flat surfaces. It uses UV curable ink, which prints on different materials such as glass, acrylic, plastic, metal, and wood. The printer uses ultra-violet LED lights rather than heat to dry the ink, making the process instant while consuming less energy.

Why Do You Need a UV Flatbed Printer?

Modern-day industrial printing requires the use of UV flatbed printers. Here are some distinctive reasons why you should upgrade to a UV flatbed printer:

1. Prints on a Wide Range of Materials

The ability to print on different surfaces makes UV flatbed printers suitable for an industrial setting. It helps you expand the scope of your business as you can attend to a wide range of clients. In return, your productivity and profit margins increase tremendously.

2. White Ink Capability

The quality of your graphics will distinguish you from other competitive businesses. White ink printing is essential in the printing world today. UV printers have automatic white ink printing capabilities. This is very important as white ink enables the production of high-quality graphics on dark materials. 

3. Authenticity

UV curable ink improves the authenticity and uniqueness of your prints. The ink cannot be scrapped or washed off quickly from surfaces. UV printers also enable you to design a specific printing style unique to your printer, making it impossible to duplicate your brand and quality.

4. Environment Friendly

UV printing is commonly referred to as 'green printing" due to its environmentally friendly nature. First,  UV flatbed printers use up all its ink; hence, no wastage when replacing the cartridge. Secondly, the printer uses ultra-violet LED lights rather than heat to dry ink, significantly reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

5. Fast

UV LED  lights in UV flatbed printers make the printing process fast as the ink dries up instantly. In addition, the curable ink used by these printers does not fade or crack easily. Its fast printing process improves your productivity.                                         


The use of  UV flatbed printers is the future of printing. The design and nature of its technology allow it to conform to the demands of the modern world. Get yourself a UV flatbed printer and make your business part of the future. Contact a UV flatbed printer supplier to learn more.