Slate Pool Table Deliveries And Setups

A single slate slab pool table or a multi slate slab table will need to be transported directly from a factory to its end location. Consider the time variables and requirements that your service provider has outlined. Prepare your home or business for the delivery and setup essentials.

Slate Tables And Cloth Differences

A delivery service team will align slate slabs vertically or horizontally within a freight vehicle. If the slabs will be aligned vertically, a strapping system will be used to anchor them. Boxed billiard table sets are often laid flat within a transport vehicle. Slate tables that contain a single slab are typically fitted with a cloth covering at the place where a billiard table is manufactured. This type of table will not take as long to install as one that contains multiple slate slabs that haven't been pre-fitted.

A table that contains multiple slabs will need to be fitted once the table frame and legs have been installed. Wax that rests between slate slabs is essential in keeping a product sealed. Once a pool table delivery crew seals the slabs, they will cover them with a felt cloth product. The sealing process is one that is designed to be permanent. If you invest in this type of table, taking it apart and moving it to another room is not recommended. Doing so could affect how level your table will be once it is reassembled.

The Transport Route And Tipping

A transport crew may use dollies to move pool table pieces into your home or business. You should be aware of when a transport team will arrive, plus you should make sure they can move equipment across your driveway or lawn. Some pool table products are large in size and will require the use of a large transport vehicle. If you have a driveway with limited space, you may want to park your vehicles elsewhere for the time being. This will ensure that the delivery truck can fit in the driveway.

Designate a doorway for the delivery crew to use when bringing the pool table indoors. Select the door that is closest to the room where the table will be going. If a pool table will be set up on a second or third floor, provide the delivery crew with a clear path to access when using the stairs. Tip the delivery people for their services. A pool delivery team will typically unpack the pool table components, install the table, and remove cartons and other packaging from your home.