From A Gas To The Obvious Fuel Choice: Propane's Uses

Propane is a gas. It is the cleaner cousin of natural gas, having been processed a step or two further than natural gas. In its natural state, it has no smell. To detect its presence, an additive makes propane stink like kerosene, which is also a petroleum product. Kerosene has a naturally repugnant odor that reminds one of what chlorine might smell like if chlorine were on fire and burning. At any rate, propane has come a long way from being used as a campfire grilling fuel.

Six Reasons To Do User Testing On Your Website

User testing can help your website get off to a great start. By having potential users evaluate your website, you can collect data on any problems they may encounter, establish how long they take to do a particular task, and improve their overall experience. Check out these reasons why you should do user testing before launching your website. Providing a User-Friendly Website A user-friendly website stands a much greater chance of driving users to it than one that is more difficult to navigate.

Starting Your Own Custom Tea Company? A Few Things You Will Need

Tea is every bit as chic as coffee, when you combine varietals that make connoisseurs drool. If you see a future in a custom tea company in your city or town, now is the time to get started. Do not start your tea business when there is at least one other shop already open. The competition will be fierce, and you may not be able to keep your shop open. The first one to open a shop garners customers the fastest.

Buying A Golf Course? Why An Automatic Sprinkler System Is A Must-Have

When you think of a golf course, one of the first images that probably comes to mind is lush, green grass that stretches out as far as the eye can see. A well-kept golf course can be a thing of tremendous beauty, providing the perfect backdrop for a day of putting. If you are purchasing a golf course you likely want to achieve this idyllic look so that your site can attract as much traffic as possible.

Thee Steps To Planning A Spontaneous Pep Day In The Office

When workers are becoming sluggish, they are likely to get very little done. When things slow down in the office, your customer base and your workers are likely to show sign of unhappiness. Instead of allowing the workplace to crawl along as it has been, you will need to get some pep back into the workplace. Sometimes you need to bring a little more excitement to the office. Here is a way to plan a spontaneous pep day in the office to surprise your workers.